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21st Annual Endangered Species Faire - May 2000

The May 6th Endangered Species Faire was a resounding success for the 21st time! Over 5,000 people attended the six-hour event despite the cool weather. Nine schools, seven government agencies, and 16 organizations participated with displays and activities for the crowd. No other event in the Butte County region provides environmental educators (be they public school teachers, college professors or non-profit or agency representatives) with such an opportunity to share resources and information with the general public.

An increasing number of place based educational displays provided the Faire’s attendees with environmental awareness with an attached geographical perspective and emphasis. This is partially attributable to the increase in watershed -based environmental education programs, and the recognized importance of a sense of place and increased geographical awareness in all school curriculums. Entertainment included animals brought by Wild Things and Jill Lacefield’s comedic foray into American over-consumption. Music was presented by Local World, String Nation, Planet Mechanics, and Clan Dyken. These groups perform all-original material with themes such as wild rivers, plentiful salmon, clean air, recycling, and responsible resource conservation, and the benefits of community involvement.

Thanks Again to the Endangered Species Faire Sponsors

BEC can't produce the ESF without the help of its many sponsors, whom we'd like to acknowledge below:

Major Sponsors
California State Dept. of Education
Communi(k), Inc.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Chico News and Review
Friends to Restore Earth's Environment (F.R.E.E.)
Norcal Waste Systems, Inc.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Butte Natural Distributing

Business Friends
Barbro Lauri Beckett, DDS
Bill Carter Realty
Cotton Party
Durham Electric
Mountain Sports
Video Maker