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19th Annual Endangered Species Faire - May 1998

Education, Music, and Animals, Oh My! Despite a few sprinkles in the morning, the weather held for the 19th Annual Endangered Species Faire. The Faire visitors, umbrellas in hand, enjoyed a great day of education, entertainment and good food.


Wild Things, a nonprofit educational group, gave two great presentations during the day— bringing a beaver and an alligator out into the audience for children to touch, as well as educating the audience about various wild animals such as the Barred owl and the opossum. The Four Winds Charter School was represented by traditional dancers dressed in costumes made by each dancer, collectively known as the Dream Catcher Dancers. They were accompanied by six drummers on the soul-reaching Northern Eagle Drum.

Of course, there was a great lineup of local bands including the jazz of Wings of Swing, the dancegrass of the Fire Monkeys and the moving steel drum ensemble Local World. The "Celebration of All Species" Parade, lead by Mother Earth, was directed by Kathy Faith and the Hearthstone Charter Home School students, and involved any and all willing audience members.


The school, agency and nonprofit organization booths were educational for adults as well as children, and many had great activities for the Faire visitors. Anyone visiting the Pleasant Valley High School Environmental Science class booth could make their own decorations from handmade paper, and could learn about bees and their role in pollination from the PVHS Young Environmental Advocates. The endangered animals of Australia and the San Joaquin Kit fox were some of the species one could learn more about at the Faire. Corning High School Recycling Club proudly displayed the fact that they save the school $536.00 each month by recycling and therefore cutting back on the garbage produced at the school.


In the early afternoon, the Faire turned into a monsterous success as the sun and Faire-goers turned out in droves. Be sure to attend next year‘s Faire, as we have plans for a huge celebration of 20 years of Endangered Species Faires!

If you’re a collector of ESF T-shirts, plan on gathering them up for next year’s Faire. BEC will be awarding great prizes to the owners of the best ESF T-shirt collections! See you in 1999!