This site is no longer active. It is an archive of the Endangered Species Faire events held from 1996-2013.

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Procession of the Species:

A Parade of Children For Endangered Species

The Butte Environmental Council invites people of all ages -- individuals, groups, community organizations, schools, families, churches, nonprofits, dance schools, music schools -- to participate in a grand Procession of the Species. You can:

  • Create puppets, costumes, or props.
  • Participate in workshops to create puppets large or small.
  • Prepare parade rhythms or music.
  • Create dance/marching sequences.

Although our emphasis is on endangered and extinct species, all species -- animals, insects, plants, fungi -- may be represented in the Processions of Species. Entries in the Procession can be very simple or complex, large or small, but the idea is to use imagination, creativity, and recycled materials for your chosen creation.

BEC will provide free workshops during March and April to help with ideas and techniques. People can attend one or all workshops, completing a puppet at the workshops or at home. We will also conduct school or after-school workshops.

To participate:

  • Join BEC puppet-making workshops during March and April.
  • Or Request an in-school workshop linked to science projects -- we’ll come to your school for workshops where every student is able learn about an endangered species and create a puppet.

The Procession is meant to be a joyous and uplifting celebration of the natural world, as well as a reminder of the threats to our environment.

For full details, download the Procession flier,  or contact the organizers for more information:

  1. Stephen, 781-4676,
  2. Susan, 781-4122,
  3. Or call the BEC office at 891-6424

Slideshow of 2011 Faire

The theme in 2011 was Climate Change, and the photos from the event appear below.

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Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has been continually supporting this Faire since we lost our funding from the California Board of Education, and without their help it would be very hard to continue this tradition. We are extremely grateful for their support. The Chico News & Review, F.R.E.E., Pullins Cyclery, and Klean Kanteen are also major sponsors!

Several businesses give donations in the way of discounts on products or services, and these include Butte Natural Distributing, A&J Party Rental Center, In-Tent Events, Pro Sound Audio Services, and the Printed Image.

Running since 1979, BEC’s Annual Endangered Species Faire is Northern California's oldest environmental faire—kids who attended the Faire years ago are now bringing their own kids to share the fun and education of our marvelous community event. Seeing old friends and making new ones is part of the magic of the Faire, and it's you and the rest of the community that make it so special. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

For more information please contact Butte Environmental Council at (530) 891-6424 or esf @

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